Once a year there is a Nomad Festival in our town. You are welcome to join the beautiful mix of colors, spices, games and music.



M'hamid El Ghizlane, the last village before the vast expanses of the Sahara. M'Hamid has always been a hub for traveling nomads and trade caravans, some as big as 5,000 camels that gather together before starting their journey to Timbuktu and other destinations. People in M'Hamid have lived in a self-sufficient way for hundreds of years. But the rainfall has reduced drastically since the seventies and it became impossible to keep this way of living.

In the palm oasis of M'Hamid there lies seven ancient kasbahs, which are now almost uninhabited. Nowadays the majority of people live in newly built homes constructed with bricks and cement, very few original buildings still stand.

While here you can explore the desert by camel or quad, visit our village of M'Hamid (about a 20 min walk away), enjoy campfire parties in the evening, and much more.