Nomadic Desert Tour with Camels, 6 Days (Erg Zahar)

Walking, camel riding and sleeping under the stars---in this desert caravan of 6 days, you will experience a full-time nomadic lifestyle. Enjoy outstanding views from the highest dune in the region, eat traditional Moroccan food, and explore the sand dunes from the backs of our camels. After this tour, you will be able to call yourself a real Berber Nomad!

Day 1: M'Hamid - Sidi Naji

The walking tour through the Sahara starts at 9am in our base camp in M'Hamid. We will walk around 4-5 hours through dunes and dream-like desert landscapes. A picnic lunch will be provided, as well as a delicious dinner in Sidi Naji, where we will spend the night in an outdoor camp.

Day 2: Sidi Naji - Azmaila

We continue walking through the desert to Azmaila, crossing dunes and plateaus of clay. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided under tamarisk trees in picturesque natural surroundings. It's your choice whether to sleep in the camp or beneath the stars.

Day 3: Azmaila - Erg Zahar

On day three, we walk to the highest dune in the region, Erg Zahar. We will walk around 4 hours to reach the foot of the dune, set up our tents and have lunch. In the afternoon you are free to discover the dune with its outstanding view. Don't miss an amazing sunset up there! Enjoy the evening at the camp fire with traditional food.

Day 4: Erg Zahar - Erg Smar - Nabkate Sidi Tayab

Our tour will continue from the dune Erg Zahar to the village Erg Smar, located at the Draa river. We walk about 2 hours along the Draa river valley and reach the village to have lunch at the shade of tamarisks. After another half an hour walking, we reach Nabkate Sidi Tayap to spend the night in tents or beneath the stars.

Day 5: Nabkate Sidi Tayab - Lebore - Bertham

After a refreshing breakfast, we we walk to Lebore, have lunch, and climb up the beautiful dune of Bertham. We will set up our camp and spend the night there.

Day 6: Bertham - Mzouaria - M'Hamid

We descend from our dune to Mzouaria, take a lunch break, and continue our tour back to our base camp in M'Hamid